A nostalgic throwback into the Golden Age of jazz and hollywood films – rife with wine, cigars & hard liquor, The cheekily named ‘Pistachtrio’ will help pave the way back to those swingin’ times. Fronted by the Maltese singer and guitarist Alexandra Alden, you can be sure to hear the husky tones in her voice reminiscent of fabulous crooners such as Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday, while also a tinge of the more contemporary crossover artist Joni Mitchell in her original songs.

She will be graced with the accompaniment of jazz virtuosos, Dutch double bassist Jurriaan de Kok and saxophonist Loek van den Berg to truly solidify this trio.

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Alexandra Alden
Saxophone: Loek van den Berg
Double Bass: Jurriaan de Kok